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Blown Insulation - Cellulose or Fiber Glass?

Blown Cellulose

Though cellulose insulation has been around a for long time, recent testing methods have proven that it has superior insulation qualities. Added to that, improved installation techniques have shown cellulose to be the premium cold climate insulation.

The most common application for cellulose is in the attic, where superior performance is needed most. Because of it's insulation properties, as well as it's cost effectiveness, blown cellulose attic insulation continues to be the first choice for the energy conscious consumer.

For years, cellulose insulation in walls has been relegated to older existing homes with little or no wall insulation. But recently developed techniques, such as “Dense-Pack”, has opened the high performance of cellulose to your new home. Dense-Pack gives the home-owner performance that rivals expensive spray foam at a price closer to fiberglass batting. Cellulose is now not just the best choice for attic insulation, now it's the best choice for walls, too! At NTC, we highly recommend “Dense-Pack” cellulose for your new home.

Blown Fiber Glass

Though cellulose continues to be the first choice in blown insulation, there are times when fiberglass is a better choice.  Blown fiberglass is non-organic making it naturally fire-resistant, making it ideal for high risk areas.  It is also light-weight, making it a good choice when added weight is a concern. At NTC, cellulose is our main insulation for blown-in applications.  Still, there are times when blown fiberglass is the best choice.